Got Process? How to use a classification framework to improve business performance.

June Business Excellence Webinar

In the last five years, Elevations Credit Union has transformed their organizational performance. Starting with tribal knowledge, they have matured to over 200 documented, linked, and measured business processes.

This compelling transformation has contributed to:

  • Increased earnings

  • Increased equity

  • Culture transformation

  • Recognition as a 2013 Rocky Mountain Performance Excellence PEAK award winner and potential 2014 National Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence Award recipient

Using APQC’s Process Classification Framework, and other tools, learn how Elevations built an Enterprise Process Map and how the organization’s collaborative use of software tools provided a platform for cross-enterprise engagement and viral cultural change. Carla Wolfe will share their step by step journey including how they maximized the robust functionality of software using "tags" for tracking process maturity, "spaces" to replicate the Enterprise Process Map, "color-coding" to track issues, "comments" to ensure remote collaboration and stakeholder validation. Learn about the toolset Elevations developed to ensure common language and methods were employed and accessible to entire organization. Discover how the grassroots development of process gurus became known as the "Special Forces” and have helped shape the BPM culture by providing coaching and oversight in process development. Carla will share how the BPM Methodology is firmly entrenched in the way Elevations operates and has become the backbone of their Knowledge Management discipline.

Date: June 24
Time: 11:00 am CDT (Central Daylight Time)
Duration: One Hour
Presenters: APQC and Elevations Credit Union
Cost: Complimentary


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